joi, 18 aprilie 2013

Dreams Come True... All They Need Is You!

An enchanted night reveals what every little girl and boy already knows: that dreams come true, all they need is you! During a nighttime dream, three young friends lift off in a hot air balloon over the moon and past the stars to a wonderland of dolphins, islands, and the simplest of rhyming life-lessons that are easy to learn and fun to share.

From the Author

Have you ever had a project go suddenly and disappointingly off course ... only to end-up exceeding your wildest expectations? Rarely has this been so extreme — both heartbreaking and Whoohoo-inducing- as it was for Dreams Come True.

Over a 3 year period, nothing I said or did could persuade any publisher to take it on.

Over the next year, nothing I said or did could persuade the artists of my choice to take it on.

What?! Is it that bad? What am I not seeing?

Finally, an agency made a timid recommendation, their third.... and suddenly (over 4 years later!) the project fell into a "Twilight Zone" of creative serendipities and divine collaboration with the heaven sent Virginia Allyn, proving once again that by holding onto a vision in spite of appearances, taking action, and never giving up... dreams do come true! Now, however, on the other end of the process, I'd like to remind others what I had too easily forgotten. That while they most certainly do come true...
only in hindsight are the miracles obvious.
only in hindsight can we see how guided we were.
and only in hindsight do we find that all along there was a plan.

To your miracles, guides, and the plans that await,

Mike Dooley

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